Integrating the Dynamics of Change

Where companies learn that dramatic improvement does not require dramatic change. Here, companies can finally eliminate paper from their environment, while enhancing current business processes from point of sale to execution.

PaperClip Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise Cloud Content Management services that enable document management, communications, and data transcription focused on achieving "Straight Through Processing". PaperClip remains focused on providing solutions that solve problems. Our B2B and B2C products and services continue to expand within and across industries delivering real ROI and efficiencies while satisfying compliance requirements behind the scene. Promotion of these service in combination with applications developed by other firms enable companies to cross the chasm to the paperless process while maintaining compliance.

The PaperClip Suite of cloud content management services can help you achieve the efficiencies required to take your organization to the next level.

PaperClip Virtual Client Folder

Virtual Client Folder is a true cloud-born content management service enabling customers of all sizes to store documents in their original digital format, effortlessly transforming a traditionally based process into a paperless one. Tailored industry workflows, vcf4LIFE, vcf4Securities, and vcf4Compliance standardize filing requirements for communications and SEC/FINRA compliance for archive and retention.

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eM4 Proof of Agreement

Finally, an e-Signing tool that makes sense! PaperClip recognized the utility of email as a communications tool capable of more value add to the business environment. Now with eM4 Proof of Agreement (POA), the industry can enjoy an Electronic Signature (E-Sign) experience with no setup required, evidence of the event, and Disinterested Third-Party Audit

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PaperClip Mojo

Everybody talks about big data with many uses starting with predictive analytics, what you never hear is how do we create usable big data and that is PaperClip Mojo, where big data begins.

PaperClip Mojo is a new Platform as a Service born in Microsoft Azure Cloud combining leading-edge Artificial Intelligent with Crowd Sourcing for Big Data processing. The ability to transcribe, translate and the interpretation of Big Data faster and more accurately than ever before is a "Game Changer".

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The Bridges Blog

Tech-Tock #7 The Anatomy of a Breach

Sunday, 12 July 2020
by Mike Bridges

video 32 Anatomy of a Breach

Let’s start with some findings relating to the breach, current events.  A mega-breach is more than a million rows of data loss or stolen.  A million records are not hard to get to these days and if breached, the remediation expense is the heaviest in year one, two thirds, year two is twenty-two percent and then eleven percent for the out years, but as experience would tell us that toward the end of an event like this, the last eleven percent will cost you about half your money and half your time.


Tech-Tock #6 Cybercrime & Cryptocurrency Part 2

Monday, 22 June 2020
by Mike Bridges

The notion that Cybercrime is fueling the Cryptocurrency market through money laundering activity, they are interdependent. If we eliminated 95% of cybercrime, we could declare victory and keep $5 trillion moving in our global economy.

I picked today to start writing because Bitcoin mining rewards halves today. BTC halving simply means, 50% pay cut for building (mining) blockchains therefore, I cut my expenses by half resulting in 50% fewer blocks verified per period, advantage cybercriminal. When I wrote part one of this article, BTC was trading at $6,800, this past Friday it closed at $10,000. No one can predict if BTC mining cutback is going to affect the coin price as it has in the past, I believe it will go up because of the COVID-19 pandemic and ignores the 50% mining reward cut. 



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