PaperClip Incorporated

Nov 12, 2012 Hackensack, N.J. PaperClip Inc., the company, has announced a onetime cash dividend of 0.01 per share payable to shareholders of record on December 7, 2012 payable December 20, 2012. The company also paid a cash dividend of .0075 (3/4) cent per share to shareholders on December 20, 2011.


About PaperClip Incorporated.

PaperClip Inc. develops and markets software products and services that organize and manage documents, images, workflow and communications. The Company's customers include individual Internet users, corporations using enterprise-wide systems and others. The Company distributes its products worldwide through distributors, value-added resellers, systems integrators, retail stores and direct channels. Contact Ms. Suzy Tuck (201-337-3547) or visit our web site at


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