PaperClip Mojo U.S. Patent No. 9,817,950 Awarded

November 14, 2017, Hackensack, NJ – PaperClip Inc, a leading provider of mission-critical communications and document management services for businesses and government has been awarded a U.S. Patent for Methods for Securely Processing Non-Public, Personal Health Information having Handwritten Data.

The patented method provides for conversion of handwritten to data that is accurate and fast, yet with improved security. The process enables handwritten data to be split into two or more components and thus provide out of context data elements to assure security during processing. It also provides for the data to be assembled into context for transmission to the client. The present disclosure provides for storage of data in an out of context format, the Shredded Data Model, to provide security whereby the data can only be used internally.

“We’re pleased to have had all 19 claims awarded validating a new paradigm allowing companies to process confidential information in the most secure way for the least expense,” said Mike Bridges, President, PaperClip Inc. “We will continue our innovation in this area by focusing on emerging technologies as they affect image processing and data storage”, Mr. Bridges continued.

Mojo maintains its data in the Shredded Data Model (SDM). This model unlike its relational SQL counterpart has no context and requires the Mojo service to reconstruct for relational use. Working in the new science of “Searchable Symmetrical Encryption” PaperClip will provide usable data from stored data that has no value; “Shredded at Rest”.

“Mojo provides the opportunity for our customers to do more with less, freeing up valuable resources to do what they need to, servicing customers, not data entry,” states Suzy Tuck, PaperClip VP of Sales.

Mojo is where Big Data begins, the ability to take images, audio and video and process them into useable data quickly. In effect, companies can now take advantage of offshore resources securely.

About PaperClip

Established in 1991, PaperClip Incorporated develops and markets products and services that enable effective communications within a company and with third parties. Through innovative solutions, PaperClip helps customers solve operational problems and reduce overhead associated with the capture, management, transmission, and storage of paper, images, faxes and reports.

PaperClip empowers companies to efficiently and securely communicate across the Internet, in a straight-through processing model, decreasing the cost and time to process documents by an order of magnitude. The company’s mission is to create electronic document solutions that enable the business document to remain in digital format for its life cycle. Thanks to its cutting-edge line of products and services, today companies can go paperless in a matter of hours.

PaperClip Incorporated has a customer base that ranges from small organizations to Fortune 1,000 multinationals in a wide range of industries, with a concentration in healthcare, insurance, and financial services. Today, PaperClip is poised to become the leading supplier of integrated document management (IDM) and Internet business-to-business (B2B) document delivery solutions focused in the “straight-through processing” market.

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