eM4 Cloud Client Setup Manual

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1.0 Initial Setup

1.1 Welcome Email

All users receive a welcome email with instructions on how to begin using their eM4 account. The email will look like:

1.2 Password Setup

Follow step 1 by clicking the link to set up your password.

This will take you the eM4 Central Office Portal screen to create your password. Choose and type a password, Re-type to confirm password. Click Set Password.

Once password is successfully set you will get a pop up box letting you know mailbox setup was successful. It will prompt you to follow the setup instructions provided in the notification email. This second part will occur in your Microsoft Office client.

2.0 Email Client Configuration

Go into your Outlook Client to configure the em4 cloud client.

Click File and under Info go into Account Settings.

Go to Account Settings. Under the email tab choose New.

Choose the E-mail Account service and click Next.

Under the Account Setup choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types.
Click Next.

Choose Internet E-mail as your service and click Next.

Set up the Internet E-mail Settings. This is where you will use the information provided in the set up email.

NOTE: *After you fill in the User Information, Server Information, and Logon Information section, you must click More Settings before clicking the Next button.

2.1 Helpfull Hints

  • You can copy and paste the email address right from the setup email
  • Account Type should be POP3
  • You can copy and paste the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server from the set up email (these are going to be the same)
  • Copy Username from the set up email
  • Password is what you initially set up in Step 2.

2.2 More Settings...

Click More Settings button.

General Tab

On the general tab there are two items to enter.

  1. Enter in the name that you want to refer to this account. This should be a "friendly name" and is what you are going to see displayed on the left-hand panel of Outlook. This will also be the name that you see as an option when you choose to send emails secure through eM4. Below uses the example of "eM4 Encrypted Email".
  2. Enter the reply E-mail address. This should be your email address.

Once a friendly name is entered, click on the Outgoing Server tab next.

Outgoing Server Tab

 Click the My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication check box

Advanced Tab

Click on the Advanced tab. Please update the settings to match those provided below.

  • Check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) check box.
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) number should be 587
  • From the drop down menu choose TLS as the answer for Use the following type of encrypted connection.
  • Under the Delivery section, regarding leaving a copy of messages on the server, PaperClip recommends removing from server after 1 days.
  • Click OK
  • Click Next
  • It should test the account settings and let you know they are successful. Click Close.

    *If they are not, please reach out to PaperClip support at 800-929-3503.
  • Click Finish

Setup is complete.

3.0 Using Secure Email Solution

To begin using the secure email solution click on the New Message button to create a new email in Outlook.

Using the From menu you will now have the eM4 Secure Email option to send from.

*Reminder, this is the “friendly name” that was setup earlier. All emails sent from this secure email account will be secure.

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