eM4 Compliant Email

eM4 Compliant Email

Email encryption is a reality today, so why not use the most compliant service that doesn’t require logins or passwords. eM4 B2B model requires no user training, in fact, they don’t event know they’re using it. B2C model does not require authentication and when you need to identify the receiver, using PaperClip’s Wallet Authentication is both friendly and provides that “Proof of Delivery”.

The eM4 Service exceeds user expectations on meeting compliance all while minimizing change and expense. Your users continue to send emails as they always have, the only noticeable difference is the reassuring message that their email was protected by eM4.


  • eM4 Service connects subscribers seamlessly into a "Many to Many" network, as a result member trading partners are secure and in compliance.
  • Emails are encrypted with 168 bit - Triple DES symmetrical keys before delivery to the targeted email server. The eM4 service does not store and forward emails.
  • Disinterested third party (D3P) auditing makes reporting available to all members and regulatory authorities as necessary.
  • Commodity price whereby any size organization can subscribe.
  • eM4 Relay quickly installs along side your Email Server (Microsoft Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, etc.).
  • eM4 Cloud connects your email client to secure eM4 email requiring no internal software to install.
  • Simple yet strict encoding rules ensure excryption and authentication for end to end email compliance. Three modes of operations for simple, complex and adhoc integration: Serial mode(all emails) with 6 rules, parallel mode(routed emails) with 3 rules or no rules with desktop control.
  • eM4 Relay in parallel mode integrates with third-party content filtering solutions, email policies engines and back end admin systems.
  • Eliminates the expense of acquiring third party encryption keys or the need to manage encryption keys at all.

Service Cost Examples

Advisers & Producers can subscribe for as low as $75 a year.

eM4 Proof of Delivery

Basic Rules for Voice Signatures

  • Voice Signatures are accepted today as a form of electronic signature under ESIGN and UETA laws.
  • Documents being signed in this event must be delivered in paper or electronic form.
  • Signer of the documents must be authenticated and have access to the documents at the time of voice signing.
  • Signed Documents must be auditable and tamper-proof.


  • eM4 Proof of Delivery provides the means where document providers can send a secure email with attachments to a signer for their review.
  • Signer clicks on the link provided and authenticates by answering a combination of simple questions of shared personal information (last four of SSN, Birth Date, etc.).
  • Signer opens attachments and follows the email instructions to start the voice signing event.

In Addition

  • Signer has the opportunity to "Reply To" the same email and securely return any documents and/or comments requested.
  • eM4 service can archive Proof of Delivery documents to PaperClip's VCF4Compliance meeting the rules and regulations of FINRA and SEC.
  • Disinterested Third Party (D3P) auditing makes reporting available to all members and regulatory authorities as necessary.
  • Commodity priced whereby any size organization can subscribe.
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