PaperClip Incorporated

Secure eXchange

SX is the most used method of exchange.  Automated workflow systems send and receive electronic documents eliminating the mail room, copy center, file room and manual processing.

Secure eMail

SM uses email for command and control.  Receivers click on the email link, login and download their EDX Package.  Users then use the free EDX Package viewer to review documents.

Secure Fax

SF spools the document, dials the fax and delivers the fax updating your real time status when complete.  Receivers can review the document manifest for ensuring they have all the documents.


Internet eXpress was designed to be the internet version of Federal Express, simply, the electronic alternative.  Internet eXpress Service deployed in 1998 exchanges over 3.8 million documents monthly between 900+ trading partners.  Trading partners of all sizes with the need to exchange electronic documents both ways knew “One to One” models were not efficient and chose Internet eXpress, a “Many to Many” model which partners could easily connect to and pay for what they used.  Internet eXpress supports the Electronic Document eXchange Standard 3.1 (EDX), a public standard for packaging and indexing electronic documents (i.e., TIFF, PDF, DOC, XLS, WAV, etc.) for exchange.

Internet eXpress is most used in the sending electronic workflow to receiving electronic workflow.  Senders benefit from secure and audited electronic transfer of business and receivers automatically fill electronic workflow queues with new business, no paper.  Senders learn one way to send and Internet eXpress knows the receivers’ delivery method, Secure eXchange, Secure Email or Secure Fax.

Internet eXpress integrates with virtually any electronic document management that supports an import/export capability.  Internet eXpress Package Translator System supports the translation of EDX Packages to many import/export formats (i.e., XML, CSV and Paired Values).  Configuration only requires mapping your translator to the many Internet eXpress industry data dictionaries.  The Internet eXpress service is designed not to be an IT development project, but a configuration effort typically done in a few days.  Internet eXpress today supports over twelve different vendor solutions integrated and exchanging.

PaperClip document management solutions supports the Internet eXpress real time document tracking to each user’s dashboard.  The same information can be supported via integration to the Central Office Web Services.  These features put the information in front of the users eliminating the need to access portals or phone calls for tracking.  Extended tracking enables trading partners to post status concerning a unique document because every document is given a unique identifier on the network and saved as metadata.  Now receiver internal progressing can be reported back to the sender in real time so they can follow the progress and not wonder what’s happening.