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PaperClip Incorporated brings the power of imaging and document management to users' existing PC and host software applications. The PaperClip family of products offers a complete imaging and document management solution for the desktop, the departmental work group, or the entire organization on a Windows platform.

PaperClip Incorporated organizes all related files (any combination of scanned images, documents, faxes, e-mail or software files) in the same electronic folder. The electronic storage system of drawers, folders and documents provides comfort, usability, and easy retrieval.

In a PaperClip system, imaged documents and software files are stored and retrieved electronically, on magnetic or optical media. On a network, this provides multiple users with simultaneous document access. Users can scan, fax, e-mail, retrieve, display, annotate, print, route, import and export electronic images. PaperClip supports batch scanning and indexing. Users can capture bulk document imports and auto-index them via the Auto-Import Utility.

Users can work directly within PaperClip, or use an application as a front-end to the system: Used alone, PaperClip provides advanced imaging, filing, routing, and retrieval features in a cost-effective package. Used along with PC or host software (e.g., database, accounting, custom, etc.) PaperClip's document imaging and management features put these applications to maximum use.

Multi-page image and software files are stored as individual documents. Documents are indexed and stored within folders, folders are stored within file drawers.

PaperClip automatically indexes documents created from within application records by extracting field values from the application record, no data entry is required. Documents may be indexed to multiple folders, but they are stored only once.

Security for sensitive documents is provided by user passwords, user privileges, work group membership, and document, folder, and drawer ownership.

Document categories (Document Types) are defined by users; these are available from a drop-down list. These remove from the user the issues related to file naming conventions and storage location.

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  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Legal
  • Litigation Support
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Membership Management
  • Patient Records
  • Purchasing
  • Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical Support


Software File Storage Back to Top

A PaperClip "folder" in a PaperClip "file drawer" may hold scanned, imaged documents side by side with word-processing documents, spread sheet files, graphic files, database records, sound files, and more.

PaperClip automatically launches the software directly from the PaperClip folder when these documents are created, giving users access to all the editing and viewing tools associated with the application. When a software document is subsequently retrieved from its folder, PaperClip again launches the application in which it was created. The software document can be created with almost any Windows application. PaperClip also provides support for third-party "viewer" software, so that users without access to the required software can view software documents.

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PaperClip supports many leading TWAIN compliant scanner brands, including Fujitsu, HP, Ricoh, Canon, Bell and Howell and Vision Shape via the Pixel Translations Library.

Batch Scanning and Indexing

PaperClip allows the user to scan and store large numbers of documents with a minimum of keystrokes. If desired, documents may be randomly scanned and then assigned to folders at a later time by batch indexing, or by auto-indexing via the Auto-Import Utility. The Auto-Import Utility makes the process of filing documents in the PaperClip database virtually automatic, eliminating the chores of indexing and filing large groups of documents. ASCII data is mapped to folder label fields for automatic indexing.

  • After scanning, batches may be routed to a user or a task group for further action.
  • Users view the batched images on screen, and then assemble and index selective pages within the batch.

Users may route PaperClip documents, folders, batches, and faxes to individual users, or to groups of users. Access to routed packages is dictated by the privileges set for that specific user, both individually and as a member of a "task group". PaperClip provides the means to semi-automate routing via route slips, task groups, and distribution lists. Thus, documents can be bulk-distributed to multiple users, or distributed sequentially to a list of users. PaperClip provides user-definable queues that serve as In-Boxes for receiving routed documents, folders, or batches. VCF users can leverage the “Inter Office Mail” module to route documents internally.

Document Retrieval

To retrieve any document or image from an integrated third party application, users simply press the “Button” to activate PaperClip and open the attached folder. Documents stored within the folder are instantly accessible.

Working directly within PaperClip and not from within an application, users either browse for folders and documents by scrolling, or they may perform a search to locate those that match specific search criteria.

Image Display

Images displayed through PaperClip are virtually exact facsimiles of the documents scanned. The quality of the displayed image depends on the quality and nature of the original document, and the degree of resolution (DPI) used during scanning.

Image-manipulation features include zoom, magnify and reduce, rotate, positive/negative options, "goto page", and view annotations.

Enabling PaperClip's Production Mode allows a 'clipped' application, PaperClip, and a document all to be displayed simultaneously, in separate windows.

Image Reproduction

Documents stored by PaperClip may be printed by a printer, or routed to a designated print or fax server. Multiple servers are supported. Users can choose the appropriate document from the Folder.

Auto-Import Utility

PaperClip allows auto-indexing and document importing via ASCII files. This feature not only simplifies backfile conversion, allowing the import of images via a service bureau or from other imaging systems, it also allows users to take advantage of bar-code technology or stand-alone scanning software. ASCII files can be read create a document record in either a new or an existing folder, if document files are included in the ASCII records.

Additional Document Functions

Import - PaperClip imports scanned/faxed documents in standard CCITT Group IV compressed TIFF file format. Additionally, software files can be imported from disk to a PaperClip folder.

Export - With PaperClip, users can export any imaged document to a standard CCITT Group IV compressed TIFF disk file.

Copy and Move - Easily copy and move documents from folder to folder and from drawer to drawer. PaperClip for Windows allows drag-and-drop copying and moving.

Fax - PaperClip's built-in fax capability allows users to fax documents quickly and easily. A CAS-compatible fax modem is required.

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