PaperClip Incorporated

Heightened efficiency

  • Eliminates space-consuming paper files, time-consuming paper file searches and minimizes document loss.
  • Enables users to file documents, e-mails, scanned images and other electronic data files in seconds.
  • Provides users and third parties efficient, simultaneous access to related information from multiple applications.
  • Completely automates the filing process and prevents filing mistakes by extracting previously-defined document indices from an application.
  • Enables access privileges to be allocated by type of document or filing drawer.
  • Within seconds, users can be viewing documents either locally or remotely through the Internet.
  • Minimizes the learning curve by storing related information in a familiar filing structure: file cabinet, drawer, folder and document.
  • Empowers trading partners to quickly and securely deliver electronic document packages without incurring courier fees.

Remarkable versatility

  • PaperClip supports in-house desktop and/or browser users. Subscribe to Virtual Client Folder document management hosting services (SaaS).
  • Industry specific Standardized VCF platforms; vcf4Life, vcf4Securities, vlf4Mortgage, vlf4 Due Diligence, vcf4Business and complete customized VCF dedicated platform.
  • PaperClip32 is scalable from single user versions to large enterprise-wide networks.
  • Whether you plan to upgrade, change, or maintain your current systems, PaperClip can help you better process documents regardless of technology platform.
  • By leveraging PaperClip's The Capture Place website, users working off-site can effortlessly collect electronic documents for transmission to the central repository of folders.
  • PaperClip32 can efficiently date-stamp all documents so that they can be easily retrieved from off-site storage after filing.

Protection from liability

  • Allows network and Internet access to information while still meeting privacy standards and compliance.
  • PaperClip's Internet eXpress Suite provides secure electronic document delivery with delivery confirmation directly from the user’s desktop. Over 500 companies trust Internet eXpress to deliver or receive document in the most efficient manner, workflow to workflow.
  • Enables compliance with information privacy acts with auditing throughout the entire process whether it document access, exchange or email.

Fast deployment

  • Thanks to a point-and-click wizard integration toolkit, alleviates the need for costly software development or proprietary system integration between the core business application and its supporting documents.
  • Promotes a cost- and time-efficient, low-risk deployment.
  • Integrates with leading administration and third parties.
  • Is "plug and play" on any stage out of the box.
  • Scalable from a single user to unlimited users.