ISN Network selects PaperClip's Virtual Client folder and Internet eXpress Service

June 5, 2008 Carlsbad, CA - ISN Network of Carlsbad, CA, the premier Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) group for life insurance case management announced today that they have selected PaperClip Inc as their Imaging resource for all their new business case work. ISN Network's proprietary program, called Synergy Systems, is a private label back office support network that allows Insurance Marketing Organizations to add another division of support to the lines of insurance they already offer.

"Our program is a true partnership," said ISN President Jeffrey Berson. "We can help a firm create a brand new life insurance division without any of the startup costs usually associated with that endeavor. Our private labeling gives the end user the seamless integrated service that they want and need."

The Synergy System partnership is being utilized by 10 different firms and has over 4,000 reps being serviced. PaperClip was chosen to be the exclusive provider of imaging services after an exhaustive search to find the best solution in the market place. "Our edge and our value added service is our state of the art technology," said Berson. "PaperClip was clearly the choice for us to stay ahead of our competition."

"We are proud that ISN Network has selected PaperClip Inc as their imaging and document exchange platform," said Mike Bridges, President of PaperClip Inc. "We look forward to working with ISN as they continue to adopt technology to enhance their customer service and processing."

For more information on Synergy Systems, look for them on the web at: or by contacting ISN Network directly. They can be reached at 1-800-338-1892 x 215.

Established in 1991, PaperClip Inc develops and markets products and services that enable cloud content management for documents, communications, and data transcription. Through innovative solutions, PaperClip helps customers solve operational problems, reduce overhead, and ensure security and compliance associated with the capture, digitization of handwritten documents, management, transmission, and storage, no matter the size of the organization.

PaperClip empowers companies to efficiently process and securely communicate across the Internet, in a straight-through processing model, decreasing the cost and time to process documents by an order of magnitude. The company’s mission is to create content document solutions that enable the business document to remain in digital format for its life cycle from point of sale to execution. Thanks to its cutting-edge line of products and services, today companies can manage, process data from documents, and deliver into the workflow in a matter of hours while maintaining the strictest levels of security and compliance.

PaperClip Inc has a customer base that ranges from small organizations to Fortune 1,000 multinationals in a wide range of industries, with a concentration in healthcare, insurance, and financial services. Today, PaperClip is poised to become the leading supplier of integrated content management and Internet business-to-business (B2B) document delivery solutions focused on the “straight-through processing” market.


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