Virtual Client Folder

Virtual Client Folder

Virtual Client Folder (VCF) is a Microsoft Azure PaaS provided electronic content management services. As a true “Cloud Born” electronic content management (ECM) solutions, users can capture, store and retrieve documents anytime from anywhere. PaperClip has successfully transferred the daily interactions with paper to an online experience dramatically improving efficiencies and user adoption.

Virtual Client Folder adds extensive functionality to current applications, providing a complete imaging and document management solution for the desktop, the departmental workgroup, or the entire organization. Virtual Client Folder features browser-based document scanning, an intuitive drag and drop interface to upload documents directly to a folder, print to Tiff capture, and barcode scanning and faxing of documents. Virtual Client Folder includes a powerful no programming workflow tool, which enables users to create work queues for processing.

Virtual Client Folder is integrated in minutes with effortless point and click integration and no programming. It is a per-user subscription-based service that offers a single drawer repository with storage for unlimited pages and storage for the term of the contract. Balancing security and usability, VCF offers the latest in managing access to ensure users properly use and create content. Subscribers can enable “Two Factor Authentication” requiring an email exchange resulting in access from a given IP. Change IPs and the 2FA process will be required again. Subscribers can limit access with a whitelist IP table further controlling locations their users can log in from. User access reports (CSV) can be produced for activity and inactivity while Administrators can view users’ access in real-time. VCF supports Single Sign-on via SAML 2.x.

VCF supports Microsoft Azure Key Vault providing Subscribers with control over their content encryption. This will eliminate PaperClip hosting resources from ever accessing Subscriber’s content. Subscribers will have the option to maintain PaperClip as their key vault manager. Content is stored encrypted with AES 256 and the Azure SQL Database is protected with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). VCF adheres to “Clean Desk” procedures by deleting all cached items at the time of logout.

System Requirements

PaperClip VCF Series all rest in Microsoft AZURE with Geo Redundant Storage for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuation. Optimizing performance, best practices security with Federal and State compliance requirements, your virtual filing repository is well protected and accounted for.

Internet Connection
  • Speed is the key. Document management is a bandwidth-hungry service moving large files. PaperClip does this intelligently providing the user with the best experience
  • VCF utilizes HTTPS:// with the highest level for validating certificates, therefore, providing the reassuring green URL link
  • All communication, database, and objects are encrypted
  • Intel Platform
  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Display 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Dual monitor friendly
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V 11
  • Google Chrome V 10.x and above
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Ipad
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Microsoft Windows 8 based pads


vcf4Compliance is designed to capture, store, retrieve, and audit electronic documents in a compliant Software WORM high availability environment.

vcf4Compliance enables Securities and Exchange Commission requirements for electronic document storage. PaperClip provides this hosted model across several layers of technology achieving SEC Rule 17a-4 for UN-alterable secure business records which are quickly accessible.

vcf4Compliance provides

  • PaperClip "Disinterested Third Party" Hosting
  • Secure and Audited "Read Only" Access
  • "Append Only" storage of electronic documents (images, emails, spreadsheets, video, voice, etc.)
  • Encrypted data elements meeting the strictest compliance
  • Browser accessible Regulatory Authority auditing
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Supports PaperClip's Network Object Storage System
  • vcf4Securities automatic archiving
  • Supports remote archiving vis Internet eXpress


vcf4Life is designed to capture, store, retrieve, and exchange electronic documents in a compliant standards-based environment for the Life Insurance professional.


vcf4Life uses Life Brokerage Technology Committee Standard Indexing:

  • Eight metadata fields (Name, SSN, DOB, Case ID, Business Area, Product Type, and More)
  • Life Brokerage Technology Committee Standard 30 Document Types

eX4 Internet eXpress Document Exchange Network:

  • Point & Click send to over 60 carriers and underwriting departments
  • Select entire folders or individual documents to send
  • Track documents submission real-time in the dashboard and via eX4 Portal
  • Monthly traffic usage reports delivered via Email

vcf4Life Commodity Pricing

  • Annual Subscription.
  • Includes One Drawer, One Secure Login, and Five Gigabytes of Storage
  • Internet eXpress accounted for by Secure Email Pricing
  • Web Training & Help Desk Support



vcf4Securities is designed to capture, store, retrieve exchange, and audit electronic documents in a compliant shared environment for the securities professional.


vcf4Securities Standardized Files and Logs

  • Sixteen metadata fields (organization, name, SSN/Tax ID, representative ID, and more).
  • Standard document types
  • Customer File
  • Advertisement & Sales Literature File
  • Incoming Correspondence File
  • Outgoing Correspondence File
  • Trade/Blotter File
  • Disbursement Journal Files
  • Compensation File
  • Complaint File

eXchange4 Internet eXpress

  • An electronic document exchange network
  • Point and click send selected folders or documents
  • Track documents submission real-time in the dashboard and via eX4 Portal
  • Monthly traffic usage reports delivered via Email


  • Regulatory Authority Auditing
  • Secure "Read Only" Access
  • Unlimited retention
  • Encrypted data elements designed to meet the strictest compliance
  • PaperClip D3P Level Auditing

vcf4Securities Commodity Pricing

  • Annual Subscription Includes:
    - Standardized Securities Drawer
    - One Secure Login
    - vcf4Compliance Member Access
  • 10 GB of Storage (200,000 Pages)
  • EDX Packages accounted for by Internet eXpress Secure Email Pricing
  • Help Desk Support


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